Leica M-E

Why Leica M-E (M9)

The Leica M-E 220 is actually an M9 without USB and frameline selector. The CCD sensor from Kodak gives awesome photo’s, similar to analog. Even the newer Leica-M’s don’t give these results. Some people sold the newer Leica-M 240 to get back to the M9. Photography with the M9 is addictive!

It is, as far as I know, the only fullframe CCD -sensor small camera, annd lucky it is a rangefinder! Hasselblad for sure  has their reason to use CCD sensors in their medium format camera’s.

Why Leica-M?

  • Possible to foresee the photo to take.
  • Forcing to take a shot thoughtfully
  • Incredible sharp lenses with beautiful bokeh
  • Inconspicuous equipment
  • Fantastic color rendering
  • Fantastic film like results!
  • No Waxy skintones ever (Something I noticed with CMOS sensors)

The Leica M-E is is in handling fantastic, and gives photo’s that I always wanted.

So it isn’ t just about IQ or size. Leica goes further. It seems that the way a Leica-M focusses is much more accurate then a DSLR. The lenses can be smaller because due to design they can be closer to the sensor. No mirror needed. Controlling aperture, the lenses are designed in a way that by feeling you know what is in focus. Aperture, focus and speed can be set while the camera is turned off!

2 Months later

Still enthousiastic? Only more so!! Leica M with the CCD sensor is nothing more then addictive. It is Photography in it’ s most pure sense.

Photo’ s so far: Color    Monochrome (converted DNG files)