Retro Lenses

Image Quality and Character are depending on the lens you use. The lens has more impact then what type of camera you use.

In general people buy lenses from brands that they know, like Canon, Sigma, Nikon. People that can afford might also buy Carl Zeiss or even Leica. Here you find two reasons why it is very interesting to get acquainted with lenses that you might not buy around the corner.

I tried the Russian Helios 58/2 44M which I purchased for 30 euros because of it’s famous swirl -bookeh.

Helios 58/2 SWIRL EFFECT

This lens gives great contrast and bookeh. The particular version I have is not the sharpest, there are better ones from this type.


Please checkout the sub headings of this topic by hovering over the submenu’s through the menu left to see more shots taken with this lens.

One that seems to be much sharper (comparable with Carl Zeiss lenses, only cheaper and more distinct bookeh) is the Russian MC Helios 77M-4 50/1.8 f.  That one is on the way and as soon as I try it you will meet my experiences here.

– Jouke

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