Russian Helios 58/2 44M

The Helios 44 58/2 is a Russian old manual lens, famous because of it’s bookeh. It’s possible to achieve sharp images wide open, but it is not the best when it comes to sharpness. The contrast and bookeh, however, are astounding resulting in a very distinct look. The particular lens that I got tends to give blue photo’s, which is even more interesting for MonoChrome. For Color, however it seems to add some magic. I bought the lens for 30 Euros. The M42 – FX adapter did cost me 10 Euros, incl. postage from HongKong. I went to a dutch shop and checked this adapter side by side with the one they sell for 59 euros. No difference except 49 euros!

To see an album with photos that are taken with this lens you can click here or on the photos

Helios 58/2 SWIRL EFFECT

Please checkout the sub headings of this topic by hovering over the submenu’s through the menu left to see more shots taken with this lens!


Lens information in the photo is incorrect (this is the Helios 58/2). The reason of this is because the camera doesn’t recognize the Helios lenses, so no lens information is recorded in the meta information of the raw photo file.


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