Collapsing economy

The big Boys are enjoying how the small people try to hold up the Economic Bubble. They know that it’s all a game.., Their game. He is in full control of the slippery contents of the bubble.

The girl with the water bottles stopped to see what’s going to happen with the bubble, like if she unaware realizes how the bubble tells about the collapsing economy.


The photo connects the bubble in a subtle manner with the recession because of the clothes, building state.. People are drawn back into diverting entertainment, which kind of makes the day. Diverting, and at the same time timeless, because blowing bubbles can be done by everyone, poor or rich, boosting economy, or recession.


Yet, it is a serious business! The woman tries her best to keep the bubble up….  People are anxious watching what is going to happen. One woman alerting people with her finger..


Ordinary people, depending on this bubble try to hold it up. The big boys pretend to work along, yet because they are not dependent on the bubble, they enjoy their deceiving efforts to gain even more from the pockets of the ordinary people.

-Jouke Voolstra

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