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Awareness levels

In the years I went through some levels of awareness of IQ, Bokeh, Microcontrast, Color rendering, Smudging, artifacts, etc.. Starting off with Canon, I changed my equipment for Fujifilm. Fuji was smaller and had beautiful color rendering. But.. special on dark skin, I noticed ‘Smudging’, paintbrush like area’s on the skin, a ‘fuji specific’ nasty problem.

What I always did never like is the little delay in between pushing the button and the final shot that the camera took. .


Level 1 – Why Fujifilm APS-C and not Full Frame?
While enjoying the Canon 5D Mark II with Prime lenses from Canon (L) and Zeiss for a while, Something was not right. Size of equipement limited my freedom, and colors where not satisfying. So I sold everything and got myself a Fujifilm camera. Because, what’s more important, colours or pixel density? What about monochrome? Nothing beats the Fujifilm Across simulation from the recent fuji film cameras! Special for Street photography Fujifilm did a great job allowing direct intuitive control of speed, diafragma, iso.. Size and weight is no issue anymore. Last but not least are the fantastic XF lenses. The Bokeh that you find with the Fujinon lenses is not to be found in Canon or Nikon lenses.

Level 2 – Why Leica?

  • Full control!
  • Incredible sharp lenses with beautiful bokeh
  • inconspicuous equipment
  • Fantastic color rendering
  • Fantastic film like results!


The Leica M-E is my first Digital Camera that does not show digital artefacts.


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